As an emerging biotechnology company, Transition is forging collaborations and licensing agreements with other biotech and pharmaceutical companies as an important part of its drug-development strategy.

Current Partnerships

Elan Corporation, plc

Transition has signed an exclusive, worldwide collaboration agreement for the joint development and commercialization of a novel therapeutic agent, ELND005, for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. ELND005 is a small molecule compound in Phase II clinical development that acts by breaking down and preventing the assembly of beta amlyoid fibrils, a hallmark pathology of Alzheimer's disease [Link to News].

Eli Lilly

Transition has entered into a licensing and collaboration agreement granting Lilly exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize Transition's gastrin based therapies, including the lead compound TT-223, which is currently in early Phase II testing. Gastrin based therapies are an emerging class of potential disease-modifying therapies for patients with diabetes, and have been shown to provide sustained improvement in glycemic control in preclinical models and early clinical studies [Link to News].

Partnership/Collaboration Opportunities

Transition has a portfolio of products with unique mechanisms of action in preclinical and clinical development for large disease indications including diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, Transition has an active discovery program underway identifying novel small molecules to high value targets for clinical development.

Contact Information

We would be pleased to discuss any collaboration/alliance opportunities for our products, as well as potential partnerships that may be of mutual interest.

Mr. Carl Damiani, MBA
Vice President, Business Development
T. 416.260.7770 ext. 206